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Upright style High Efficiency Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers are designed for a variety of uses, primarily in healthcare and life sciences, for storage of product at -85°C. The upright freezer style allows for easy access and storage. Freezer sizes range from 14 to 29 cubic feet capacities.


Manufactured for excellence, So-Low High Efficiency freezers are produced with high quality craftsmanship, heavy-duty materials, and special system design for low energy consumption. These freezers single compressor refrigeration system, providing reliable and durable environmental conditions for your product’s vital temperature requirements, while reducing running costs. So-Low Ultra-Low freezers are available in wide variety of sizes and styles, to accommodate for each customers required conditions. Combined with our nation-wide service network, our Ultra-Low Freezers have various options for additional temperature recording devices, providing the highest level of quality temperature transcription.

So-Low's Digital Control

So-Low High Efficiency freezers use a specialized touch-pad control. In addition to basic temperature operation, the control includes a digital chart recording feature to ensure the temperature your products are always being monitored. RS-232, and RS-232 functionality is also included. To ensure your product is safe in our freezers, alarm settings include door ajar alarms, compressor alarms, low battery alarms, and power failure alarms.

So-Low's Dependability

Laboratory professionals all over the world have recognized the dependability and efficiency of So-Low Ultra Low Freezers, the first to combine all of these performance features and deliver a level of quality construction, reliability and value unequaled anywhere in the world. Performance testing is your assurance of So-Low Ultra low freezers' dependability. Every freezer is fully tested under the most demanding conditions for seven days. The constant ultra-low setpoint operation temperature is assured in warm temperature environments. Technical assistance is provided by a Nation-Wide-Network of service companies.



• High Efficiency
• Low Energy Consumption
• Low Heat Dissipation
• Ergonomic Loading
• Ease of Operation
• Low Maintenance
• Low Noise Level


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