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LAB & PHARMACY             


Undercounter & Benchtop Refrigerators

Undercounter & Benchtop lab and pharmacy refrigerators are designed to provide safe sample storage at an average temperature of +4°C. Units come standard with digital control, high/low alarms and alarm dry contacts. 

Undercounter & Benchtop Freezers

Undercounter and benchtop lab and pharmacy freezers are available in temperature of -20°C, -25°C, and -30°C. Some units feature automatic defrost and other have manual defrost.  These freezers are designed to provide safe and reliable storage. Units come standard with digital control, high/low alarms and alarm dry contacts. 

General Purpose Undercounter & Benchtop Freezers

Our General Purpose freezers feature a durable, high-quality construction with a robust refrigeration system and an analog thermostat. 

Undercounter Ultra-Low Freezer

The Undercounter ultra-low freezer has an operating temperature range from -40°C to -85°C. This freezer is manual defrost and comes standard with a digital control, with data-logging capabilities.


Manufactured with durable commercial grade construction, So-Low Undercounter Freezers and Refrigerators cool quickly and efficiently to avoid temperature fluctuations which can result in failure of expensive research, misleading test results. General purpose undercounter models can be built into casework and under lab benches, offering accessibility and superior storage opportunities. A wide array of options and accessories are available, including lockable storage inserts, stainless steel cabinet exterior, and glass doors.


• Durable Construction
• Manual Defrost and Auto Defrost
• Epoxy Coated Shelving
• Air Cooled Condenser
• Temperature Fluctuation Reduction
• CFC-Free Refrigeration System
• Undercounter Storage Capabilities
• Lockable Storage Inserts
• Stainless Steel Versions
• UL and CUL Listed

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